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New Song Villa

This project breathes new life into a long abandoned medical office building.  The re-development of this retired space will create rooms with available supportive services for 14 women just a quarter of a mile from downtown Hanford.  Family care will be made available with the addition of two accessor dwelling units with kitchen, bath and two bedrooms.  The common areas provide opportunity for a peer supportive community with Kings Gospel Mission.

The project is permitted in the zone and the area is within walking distance to downtown. Lies next to other supportive housing. Area has been canvassed for neighbor buy-in.

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New Song Villa - Community Impact Corps

New Song Villa

Phase 1

Demolition, Design Permitting and Planning

Phase 2

Factory-built Homes Installed and Front of the Building Make-over.

Phase 3

Renovation begins on the back of the building with a community courtyard.

Phase 4

Tenants Move in and Kings Gospel Mission Nurtures a Peer Supportive Community

The Triple Bottom Line

This Project has a Projected ROI of 25% with a construction period fund transitioning to permanent hold financing leaseback collateralized.  Kings Gospel Mission is an established non-profit lessee.

New Son Villa is

NNN contracted to an Established Non-Profit Lessee

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