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CIC manages ALL FACETS of the development. You simply watch your investment grow and witness lives change! 


Quarterly distributions of revenues from Sales & Rentals. The asset now creates appreciation and tax advantages for the investor class.

What if You Could:

  • Watch your city change and earn a healthy return on investment? 
    • Invest LOCAL in a great project
    • See Affordable Housing arrive on empty land
    • See People who need homes, rent them 
    • See People who need jobs, work
    • See a professional non-profit support the new community
When you join our tribe, you join a dignified, normal economy approach to transforming your city. It's called Turnkey Dignity, its our model.

How It Works

What Makes Community Impact Corps Different
Our "Turnkey Dignity" Model
  • We Offer Local Investment Opportunities

    If you look, there are not many truly local opportunities to invest in great returns AND see the impact your dollar made. And if you found one, it would take millions of dollars to invest. Our strategy is aimed at pooled investments for as low as $5000 entry and high-demand local performance.

  • We Develop Innovative Housing

    We find suitable & inexpensive land, create pocket courtyard communities and do it in the most affordable way possible. Most work is done in-house, we own the factory, and sub-contracts are only used when necessary. The result is a great looking affordable asset for MUCH less cost then normal. It is novel and innovative!

  • Contract with great people managers

    Successful affordable housing comes from managing people. We contract with Local Rescue Missions, like Kings Gospel Mission or Lighthouse Rescue Mission, exclusively to manage people living in our units. People supported by capable and caring staff while they live in great housing are successful.

  • CIC maintains the Real Estate

    We maintain the assets, collect rents, distribute your earnings and keep the books so you don't have to. We also ensure people are paying so the caring people don't have to chase rents. We do that. You get to own real estate without the hassles of managing it.

Why Invest in Housing


When you invest in local real estate, you can actually visit the investment and see the asset perform. You can read reports, see the distributions, but you can also drive by and see people thrive. There is no better impact investment available.


Year over year, real estate performs much better than most classes of investment. There is not a lot of speculation in performing property, only long-term stability and rent revenue earning a solid return.


In the Communities of the Central Valley and California as a whole, there is a severe lack of affordable housing. The need is growing as the cost of living increases. The innovation of low-cost high-quality supportive housing has a very promising future. High Demand, Low-Supply, Innovative Product= A Great Investment


Not only does real estate gain value over time, it also has a favorable tax treatment. In the affordable housing world there are even more benefits such as tax-credits, reduced market-rate requirements and favorable treatments.


Housing is a long-term high-performance investment in many communities. People need suitable places to live. Our assets are managed by in-residence case managers and caring people ensuring tenant success. This innovation will change the character of a community and your investment matters!


People need stable housing to live well. The age of existing housing and lack of affordable options has given us the opportunity to create through our interest and investment great social change and economic benefit. As local community members we can change the way housing works!

Why This Approach Works

Cost Savings

Regular Housing is expensive. 

Modular Housing is not.

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