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Community Impact Corps


Our Story

Advance Life

Community Impact Corps is an ecosystem created to advance life.  We:

  1. Create businesses which provide jobs

  2. Develop and Manage Attainable Housing

  3. Manage Multiple Community Benefit Organizations under Contract

  4. Create Community Courtyards-Shared Experience Environments

A Vertically integrated development company

 By 2026, We will create 1000 jobs; we will house 5000 people in Courtyard Communities, and we will advance the concept of impact investment in supportive communities as a solution to poverty and homelessness. Join us and advance life too!
Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

1. Belonging to a great cause is transformative.

2.  Everyone is learning.  With great jobs in dynamic settings, employees advance.


3. Housing can be affordable in the market, the approach needs new life!

Impact Investing

What we do:

Develop Multi-family
Pocket Courtyards

Communities built for purpose:

  • Supportive by Design

  • Does Not Rely on Tax Credit Financing

  • 1/2 the Build Time

  • Financeable with modern instruments

  • In-house development team 

Pocket Courtyards for Community Impact Corps
Community Impact Corps
Provide Professional Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • ​Business Development
  • ​Property Management
  • Non-Profit Support
Community Impact Corps
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