We believe that by Integrating:

Innovative Shelters & Affordable Housing


Professional Services


Impact Investments

Truly Effective Community Impact is the result.
Pocket Shelters

Install temporary shelters now! Which are:

  • Durable

  • efficient

  • Built to Ca Code

  • Inexpensive

  • Quick to site

  • look like homes instead of shacks

  • have hvac 

    • and the best part:​

Keep them & transition them to permanent affordable housing later

Supportive Affordable Housing
Pocket Courtyards

Communities built for purpose:

  • Supportive by Design

  • Does Not Rely on Tax Credit Financing

  • 1/2 the Build Time

  • Financeable with modern instruments

  • In-house development team 

A Corps is a group of people commissioned towards mission accomplishment. Through shared experiences with multiple cultures, we've learned the best way to impact a community!
People united and led as a Corps to accomplish a BIG Mission are an unstoppable force. 
Professional Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • ​Business Development
  • ​Property Management
  • Non-Profit Support
Impact Investments
  • Solid Pro-forma
  • Healthy Returns
  • Securities Standards
  • Joint Ventures
 By 2024, We will create 1000 jobs; we will house 5000 people in Courtyard Communities, and we will advance the concept of impact investment in supportive communities as a solution to poverty and homelessness. Join us and bask of in the glow of opportunity we are creating!


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