Frequently asked questions

Are these tiny homes?

No, they are factory-built manufactured homes and that mean they meet Ca building code and title 24. Once installed they are permanent homes built to very exact specs and regulated by the states.

Do you help develop the land?

Yes! We specialize in tranforming bare land into thriving communities.

Can I tour the factory?

Yes! we would love to show you around. Please contact us.

Can we get involved?

We are currently seeking investors. Please contact us!

What is a Turnkey approach?

Starting from scratch (or square one) the barriers to achieve community are profound and expertise is required for each.

  1. Development Capital is required. Capital stack fundraising expertise is required.
  2. Land is needed. That requires knowledge of zoning, brokering, due diligence and assessments, among many other things.
  3. Plans and Permits. Design, drafting, submitting scopes, pulling permits, and generally all pre-development work.
  4. Site Work. Trenches, pipe, connections, foundations, sidewalks, fire hydrants, electrical scoping, drive surfaces, lighting, etc, etc…
  5. Building Units.
  6. Placing Units.
  7. Finding & Connecting with Clients.
  8. Managing Clients
  9. Managing & Maintaining Property. Who will collect the rents, fix facilities, and pay bills and investor returns?
Instead you can partner with a team who does it all. That is Turnkey!