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Melissa Wescoat

Executive Assistant

Melissa keeps everyone in-line and is mostly nice about it.

Alejandro (Hondo) Clark


Hondo joined the CIC team in September 2020. He is responsible for overseeing the entitlement of our properties. Hondo received a business degree from Fresno State and minor in Japanese. He is a California real estate broker with 20 plus years of experience, Hondo has helped build over 200 homes and put through the permitting process roughly 2,000 homes and 100’s of thousands of square feet of commercial space.

Dave Clevenger


Dave Clevenger is a Visionary Leader, Community Builder, & Innovative CEO. He is the leader of Community Impact Corps, Inc. and PreFab Innovations, Inc.

Dave served 22 years in the Navy with the following notable assignments:
Supply Department Head (Lieutenant) at Naval Hospital Lemoore.
Two Marine Corps Combat Medic Tours (OEF 2012 and Southwest Asia Campaign 1995)
Two Navy Vessels (USS Juneau and USS Coronado)
Three Shore Tours (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Navy Personnel Command; & MCAS Miramar)

Saved by grace through Christ in 2011, Dave passionately pursues Christ by loving God and loving our neighbors in word and deed.  

Dave holds a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and has successfully started the following businesses:
A Homeless Rescue Mission (Kings County’s first)
A Housing Factory and Commercial Modular Plant
A Thrift Store
2 Recycling Centers
2 Downtown Cleaning Crews with Carts
A Mobile Shower Unit

Dave is currently leading an effort to change the process of development which promises to place 10,000 factory-built affordable housing units in service by 2030.

Payment Methods
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